ATM Logistics is a company providing transport – shipping services within the terrain of Europe. Our basic activity is international road transport which is realized with our own vehicles and we are in the cooperation  with other transport companies.

The paramount aim of action is the realization of each order in a professional way – on time and consistent with the individual needs of our clients. We want to build strong relations with clients based on trust, loyalty and satisfaction of both parties. We have still been aiming at rising our work quality of our clients and we put a huge impact on employee’s trainings responsible for the goods shipped. We are not afraid of the most difficult transport challenges and we will be willing to enter into cooperation with each European company fulfilling its requirements and conform with its needs.

Nowadays when a competition is on a high level in Europe transport is not only a truck and its driver, it is a whole infrastructure working for its work, requiring advanced system means and forwarding agents with proper experience.

Thanks to such an attitude, we are able to offer transport services on the highest level, becoming a competition for previous leaders on the market.


We offer a professional and complex transport-shipping service within the terrain of Europe to our clients. We operate individual orders, month and week plans shipments and production standing offers. All adjusted to our clients’ schedules. Within the frame of the road freight we organize transports in Poland as well as in Europe. We offer shipment of the following goods: whole vehicles, partial, express. We organize transport of all groups of goods: neutral goods, hazardous goods ADR, abnormal goods and non-standard goods.

We offer our fleet consisting of modern and reliable trucks having EURO 5 and EURO 6 certificate to operate transport tasks.

All vehicles are equipped with the satellite navigation system GPS which gives a possibility to follow your order. It ensures a huge safety of the services provided. Our vehicles are used by good trained, experiences and reliable drivers which guarantees keeping an advanced client’s service. We have still been learning such hard work, therefore we train our drivers and we adjust ourselves to changeable requirements of our clients.


In the interests of the highest quality of services and safety of goods entrusted to us, we have necessary documents to conduct our business activity among others: third party insurance of driver, third party insurance of forwarding agent. The financial conditions subject to negotiations and depended on concrete directions and frequency and repeatability of goods.

We would like to cooperate with production clients in order to direct logistic service of this firm. Using our experience, You will save your time, avoid problems and you will be able to concentrate on what is the most important for you.

Our fleet

As a transport company we have modern fleet of vehicles of prestigious makes fulfilling European standards of safety and environment protection EURO 5 and EURO 6.

The main places in the fleet constitute tractors SCANIA R420/R440/R500 in low deck version adjusted to mega trailers. At the turn of 2015 our firm adjusting to European requirements invested in tractors DAF XF 460 with exhaust emission norm Euro 6. Among the trailers (3,0 height) dominate the universal trailers SCHMITZ VARIOS. The trailers in standard version (2,78 height) are Kogel trailers.

We have also trailers of colimulda type to transport steel and aluminum sheets in rolls. All trailers have XL Certificates (issued in cooperation with the DEKRA Association complies with the norm VDI 2700 and further and complying with actual norm EN 12641/code XL). All our vehicles are adjusted to transport hazardous goods ADR and drivers have correct rights and qualifications for these transports.

We carefully approach our fleet management system because we also use indefectible systems of our trucks’ work monitoring by means of the TOM-TOM Telematics and GBOX. It helps us to every day work and it supervises goods of our clients.

The reliability of our fleet is owed to our service partners like SCANIA POLSKA branch in PIŁA and GSC – Gibas Service Center Piła. The repairs are performed efficiently what decrease a risk of failure during transport and it causes that our fleet is irreproachable condition.

And this irreproachable conditions eliminates stoppages and causes that goods of our clients achieve destination on time.

...Time is moneyyour money…… Tomasz Murawski


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